The performance of concrete works

The foundation starts with the measuring of the land. After the measurements are in place, the earthworks start. Depending on the soil, different diggings, ground consolidations or also maybe soil filling must be done. After that, utility networks with the water and sewage system must be installed. Then the time has arrived to prepare and install the shutterings. Then the reinforcement, concrete casting and soil smoothing

The foundation is a basis for every building. Even though the foundation is not visible from the ground, it is one of the most important parts of the building, the quality of which the lifespan and durability of the other constructions are dependent on. Therefore, it is important that this kind of work is done by people specialised in this field.

  • Plinths – installation of the shuttering, reinforcement, concrete casting, insulation installation
  • Floors – reinforcement, concrete casting, making the surfaces, polishing
  • Partitions – installation of the shuttering, reinforcement, installation of electrical pipes, concrete casting
  • Reinforcement – thanks to reinforcement, it is possible to make more complicated constructions from concrete. Steel or fiberglass meshwork that holds the whole structure together is added to the concrete to make it stronger.