Elementmaster OÜ is specialised in concrete work and workforce rental to different concrete factories and sites in Scandinavia.

Our team includes people with tens of years of experience in the field. We make sure that the workforce is professional and the quality of work is high.

ELEMENTMASTER OÜ operates mainly in the construction sector and our principal activity is the building of residential and non-residential buildings.

Elementmaster was also a part of completing the new bus stops in the town of Pärnu, namely, the foundations cast by us keep the bus pavilions in their place.

The performance of concrete works

The foundation starts with the measuring of the land. After the measurements are in place, the earthworks start. Depending on the soil, different diggings, ground consolidations or also maybe soil filling must be done. After that, utility networks with the water and sewage system must be installed. Then the time has arrived to prepare and install the shutterings. Then the reinforcement, concrete casting and soil smoothing

The foundation is a basis for every building. Even though the foundation is not visible from the ground, it is one of the most important parts of the building, the quality of which the lifespan and durability of the other constructions are dependent on. Therefore, it is important that this kind of work is done by people specialised in this field.

  • Plinths – installation of the shuttering, reinforcement, concrete casting, insulation installation
  • Floors – reinforcement, concrete casting, making the surfaces, polishing
  • Partitions – installation of the shuttering, reinforcement, installation of electrical pipes, concrete casting
  • Reinforcement – thanks to reinforcement, it is possible to make more complicated constructions from concrete. Steel or fiberglass meshwork that holds the whole structure together is added to the concrete to make it stronger.

Workforce rental

Why use workforce rental?

Workforce rental provides the opportunity to quickly hire additional workforce if it becomes necessary, reduces recruitment, workforce and production costs and manages risks and responsibilities that accompany recruitment.

We are surrounded by a big network and there are options to find a suitable person or people to be a part of your collective, so the functioning of the company would be made better.
– Concrete element factories.
– Various building sites in Scandinavia.

When renting out workforce, we follow the national legislation, which can be found on the following websites:

General construction

House construction starts from the foundation and ends when the client receives their keys.
In addition, we also offer various other construction works, for example, roof installation, fences and terraces, etc. Ask for an offer and let’s find the most suitable solution together!

We offer complete as well as partial demolition. In addition, we also offer the service of demolition waste removal.

For the job seeker

We are looking for workforce to join our team.

If you are co-operative and highly motivated to work in our team,
ready for new challenges,
capable of doing physical work,
can solve complicated situations,
responsible in performing work duties,
value teamwork,
then contact us and send us your CV!

For the entrepreneur

Do you have an idea?
Looking for workforce?
Looking for collaborators?
Contact us. We are waiting and ready for collaboration!


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